Live Classroom
Our Services Include:
  • Live Classroom Production

  • Educational Video Production

  • Editing & Authoring for DVD/Web

  • Voice-Over & On-camera talent

  • Writing, producing and directing: promotional videos, video blogs, and documentaries.
About the HCC Creative Team
Hip Chicks Create specializes in live classroom video production and post-production, hiking video blogs, short documentary films, Educational Videos and web promotional videos.

We are a two-person video production team with more than 15 years experience. Our partnership started in theatre, where we cut our teeth on the fast pace of live format. Subsequently, we both worked in television. As always, Jill was behind the scenes, doing everything from instillation of sound and lighting systems to running the teleprompter. Elizabeth has been an actor for years, shooting commercials, hosting infomercials, working in live TV sales and recording voice-overs.

Video Production was a natural progression after Jill's hobby of making family and travel videos turned into a job filming a monthly class for a friend. The classroom setting became a specialty after contracting with Innersource to shoot a 2-year certification program of the Donna Eden Energy Medicine method. As a self-taught editor, she incorporates the latest technologies into editing and authoring DVD's and web videos.

Elizabeth's 12 years of experience in front of the camera came into play as she began writing and producing for our educational videos and short documentaries and running the second camera for classroom shoots. She writes and hosts our video blogs and lends her experienced voice talent to projects that require narration.

Together, Hip Chicks Create is a creative team that approaches each project with energy, flexibility and integrity. We have had the good fortune to work with some of the most cutting-edge alternative-health practitioners. We have helped increase the visibility of the Smokey Mountains National Park, which is close to both of our hearts. We have the ability to "disappear" in a classroom while delicate subjects are being taught, and we work closely with our clients to make sure everyone is comfortable with our presence as well as happy with the final result.